Penn Valley Community Rodeo Association

The goal of Penn Valley Community Rodeo Association is to honor our Western heritage by promoting the sport of rodeo in Penn Valley. PVCRA is a non profit organization, founded in 2004, to perpetuate the tradition of the annual Penn Valley Rodeo and to benefit local schools and service organizations.

General Membership fees are $10 for single members, and $20 for families (comprised of two adults and their dependents). You do not need a horse to be a member. For horse owners who wish to use the arena, an additional Horse Owner/Rider Membership fee of $50 for single members and $75 for families is required. Horse Owner/Rider fees support regular arena grooming and maintenance. Horse Owner/Rider Members receive the combination to the gate and have access to the arena and grounds in good weather. Hardship fee waivers may be granted on an individual basis after review by the Membership Committee.

PVCRA meets on the second and fourth Tuesday each month, at 6:30 PM in the Cook House at the rodeo grounds. Meetings are open to all members; attendance is not required, however, meetings are a good way to get to know the Rodeo Board and have a voice in policy. Throughout the year, PVCRA produces numerous events that offer members the opportunity to volunteer, meet other members, and become well known.

To access the necessary forms to apply for PVCRA membership, click Membership Form below. You need to submit a signed Release of Liability with your application (which is attached the the membership form. It is not required that you join CALSTAR.

MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION and RELEASE OF LIABILITY: Please print out both forms and provide complete information: your name, telephone numbers, residence and email address. Both  must be on file with PVCRA prior to use of the rodeo grounds.

CHECKS: Please make checks payable to PVCRA, and include them with your completed forms in a stamped envelope. Mail to PVCRA Membership, P O Box 1103, Penn Valley, CA 95946.

 2018 Membership Forms are Due by 03/01/2018

Click HERE to download the Membership Application